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Buddha-Heart Fellowship

Zen and Buddhism for Tasmania, Australia.

Zen House StudioServing Northern Tasmania, our Australian affiliate meets every week with Ven. Shih Jingang at Zen House Studio, located at 100 Main Road, in the township of Penguin. Basic schedule:

  • Buddhist Study Group, at Zen House Studio, Penguin, every Tuesday at 6:30p.m. General Buddhist Studies, Discussion, Q&A, and Puja.  
  • Zen Day Class, at Zen House Studio, on 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month, at 1:00 p.m.


For further information, contact: Ven. Shih Jingang on 0417 595 600, or  Website:


Resident Instructor: Ven. Shih Jingang

Ven. Shih JingangThe founder and Resident Instructor of the Buddha-heart Fellowship, Ven. Shih Jingang has been a practicing Buddhist for the last 42 years.   A former Tibetan Buddhist Rabjung monk, who completed a Three-Year Solitary Retreat in the mid-80s, Shih Jingang was ordained as a Monk of the Nien-Fo Ch'an Order on April 20th, 2013.  Having worked for 23 years, in the arts, mental health, and charity fundraising, he currently serves the community of north west Tasmania as a Buddhist Chaplain, and is involved in interfaith dialogue with members of Spiritual Care Australia (SCA).  He is also a member of the Australian Sangha Association (ASA), the Tasmanian Buddhist Chaplaincy Support Group, and is a Retained Volunteer Firefighter with the Tasmania Fire Service.

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