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Balancing Practice

Q: Is there a such thing as too much meditation?  Is there something I should be doing to compliment my meditation time like working around the house?

A: It is entirely possible for one to become so attached to the formal process of meditation that one forgets to live life.  Remember, the purpose of meditation is to give us insight for living in the world, so whether it's working around the house or going out into the world, we should bring the calmness and concentration we develop through sincere meditative practice into those places.  It's rather like going to a health club.  We don't go to the health club just to be healthy on the treadmill; in like manner, we don't meditate just to be awakened on the cushion.  We should try to balance all our activities to the extent that we can.  This is a reasonable way to do things and it is consistent with the Buddha's teaching of the Middle Way.

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